The distinctive character of our dough cups

Balanced additive package for the frame resin:

  • Special plastic: the plastic frame feels greasy, the dough adheres less quickly
  • Longer lifespan: UV stabilizer offers better resistance to the impact of UV-C radiation
  • Better hygiene: antibacterial additive prevents bacterial growth
  • Color Stabilizer: The frame keeps its color

More ease of use: the longer clips make it easy to change the cups

Flexible in execution: you order the pocket in the execution as you want it

Round dough cups, suitable for WP Haton and Beko:

Frame is available in different versions of flexibility: from less rigid to very flexible.

Additional information:

Ordering: no minimum order quantity for standard versions

Technical Support: during a visit to your bakery, by phone, email or WhatsApp

Delivery time: Bread pockets always available from stock, morning goods produced on order