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Proofer Cups for Intermediate proofers

Proofer cups and pockets for intermediate proofers
BekeProoferCups supplies proofer cups or pockets for all first or intermediate proofers. For well-known brands we have made standard sizes and shapes that you can buy online. For all other forms and brands of intermediate proofers we manufacture tailor-made cups. 

The impact of the right proofer cup on your dough
After dividing the dough the intermediate proofing process enables the dough to rest before the final moulding stage. The length of this process has an important impact on the bread structure.  Depending on the type of intermediate proofer and the desired cell structure of the bread loaves proofing times will vary between several minutes up to 15 minutes. Another important factor in the first proofing process is the use of ingredients and agents in the dough. The right timing and the right mix of ingredients can make the difference between mediocre or superb breads. Often overlooked is the impact of the proofer cup itself. The right proofer pocket enables you to produce better structured breads without contamination of bacteria.

Major concerns in the intermediate proofing process
Within the first proofing process the dough in the cups can stick to the cups. To prevent this the dough of one proofer cup is often loaded upon an empty cup giving the other pocket the time to dry. But the quality of the proofer cup itself also contributes largely to the prevention of stickiness. Another concern is the contamination of the cups due to bacteria. At BekeProoferCups we have invested a lot of time and energy in producing proofer cups that stay contamination-free as long as possible. 

Dough repelling plastics
All our cups are made of dough repelling plastics. In general the cup is made of polyethylene but wool felt is also an option on tailor-made proofer pockets. Both fabrics are ideally suited to release the dough balls. Problems with stickiness are limited with our pocket meshes.

Open mesh with additives against contamination
Contamination with bacteria is another major concern in intermediate proofing. That is why we have tested several meshes to eliminate this. Our open mesh system provides excellent air circulation around the dough pieces. For  our frames we use special additives preventing bacteria to prosper and grow. The end result is a better, bacteria free bread product, more durable proofer pockets and less replacements of contaminated cups or pockets.

Proofer cups stabilized for UV radiation
UV radiation is an always existing force in intermediate proofers due to the usage of UV lamps. That is why we added an extra doses of anti-UV radiation additive within the frames of our proofer cups diminishing the effect of UV radiation on our proofer cups. The result is a longer durability and lifespan of the proofer cups.

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You can order your proofer cups and pockets right here through our online shop. You will find proofer cups for all major brands of first or intermediate proofers.

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