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Benier Proofer Pocket for 12 fold (or more) trays

Outside dimensions: 210 x 200 x 85 mm

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Benier Proofer Pocket for 12 fold (or more) trays

Fits Benier Intermediate / First Proofers

This proofer pocket serves 12 fold (or more) trays.

The open mesh provides excellent air permeability around the dough, and the pockets' design enhanced and superb cleaning results. The mesh is made of dough - repelling plastic.

The material is executed with anti microbial additive to avoid bacteria from growing on the surface.
In addition an extra UV stabiliser is added to ensure a sustainable part, withstanding the impact of UV beams over a longer period of time.

Free Sample: 
To request a sample send an email to and we'll send you a sample Free of Charge

Before placing your order please double check the dimensions or send us a sample! 

Technical Data / Dimensions:

Length x width:         210 x 200 mm
Mesh depth:                85 mm
Nock length:                30 mm

Material:                 Polyethylene 
Mesh:                   Open

€ 5.40