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Adamatic VDR4 Overhead Pockets up to 10oz - Mesh T420

Ring Outside Ø 118 mm x 43 mm Deep

Artikelcode: 0258 T420

Adamatic VDR4 Overhead Pockets up to 10oz -  Mesh T420

Adamatic VDR4 Overhead Pockets (up to 10oz) 110 mm Mesh T420

This proofer pocket is perfect for use in Adamatic VDR4 Overhead (up to 10oz) intermediate Proofers.

How To:
This pocket consists of a plastic frame and a mesh inlay, It replaces the existing mesh inlay that comes with a new tray: once the mesh is torn and needs to be replaced, just cut away the mesh inlay from the plastic tray. Now simply click on the new single pocket.

The pocket's mesh provides excellent air permeability around the dough, and the pockets' design enhanced and superb cleaning results. Just take out the pocket, wash and put it back again in it's seat in the tray.

Before placing your order please double check the dimensions! 

Technical Data / Dimensions:
Outside diameter of the frame:         118 mm
Diameter of the hole in the tray:        110 mm
Mesh depth:                        43 mm

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