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Proofer pockets for intermediate proofers - USA

Proofer pockets for USA and Canada
The market for proofer pockets has been dominated for years by the manufacturers of intermediate proofers. If commercial bakers of distributors of bakery supplies need replacement pockets for intermediate proofers they were depended upon the supply of these manufacturers as all intermediate proofers use different sizes and forms of proofer pockets. BekeProoferCups gives you an alternative option in supplying standardized or tailor-made proofer pockets for all intermediate proofers. We supply the US and Canadian market directly from our production facilities in The Netherlands. Swift shipments, low cost proofer pockets and improved anti-bacterial and UV stabilized pockets for all first or intermediate proofers.

The market for proofer pockets in the USA and Canada
 In the United States and Canada most commercial bakeries use dough handling equipment from US or Canadian make. Most of these manufacturers supply replacement pockets, sometimes however the quality and regular supply of proofer pockets is not on par with the quality and service of their dough handling equipment. Proofer pockets are not the core business of these manufacturers. They are machine builders and proofer pockets are a mere byproduct. Not so for BekeProoferCups as developing, testing and manufacturing of proofer pockets is our core business.

The quality of our frames and meshes
All our proofer pockets are made of high quality polyethylene fabrics. They have had a special treatment with dough-repelling additives in order to prevent the dough on sticking to the meshes. The mesh itself provides a constant air flow that keeps the pockets dry. Furthermore anti-bacterial additives are used to prevent bacteria to contaminate the proofer pockets and the dough. As UV radiation is always a factor in intermediate proofing we also added stabilizing additives that reduce the impact of UV radiation on the meshes. The result is a better proofer pocket, longer durability and our high volumes in the production of proofer pockets allows us to charge lower prices than most of the pockets distributed by intermediate proofer manufacturers.

Shipments to USA & Canada
For all standardized proofer pockets you can order online through our online shop. For all other shapes and sizes, please get in touch with us for a tailor-made quotation. We ship to the USA and Canada on a weekly basis. For large volumes we like to discuss special shipment solutions in order to lower the cost of shipment.

Order online or get in touch with BekeProoferCups
You can order your proofer cups and pockets right here through our online shop. You will find proofer cups for all major brands of first or intermediate proofers.

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