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Proofer cups and pockets - WP Haton proofers

WP Haton
WP Haton is a subsidiary of the WP Bakery group, the current name of the Werner & Pfleiderer company that is tracing back to 1873 when Paul Pfleiderer and Hermann Werner began producing a dough mixing machine. From that moment on the company kept growing with production facilities and offices in Germany, England, Russia, the USA and Austria. Today WP Bakery is leading the world in bakery equipment. WP Haton has its roots in The Netherlands and they specialize in dough handling equipment. 

Intermediate proofers from WP Haton
WP Haton is completely focused on dough handling. WP Haton has a very well-thought out line up of dough mixers, dividers, rounders, moulders and proofers. In building intermediate proofers WP Haton can be seen as an innovative and high quality manufacturer with a vast customer base throughout the world. They build different intermediate proofers for different purposes and capacities. WP Haton often uses transfer boxes with Teflon to ensure a smooth dough transfer between the cups. The proofer cups of WP Haton are in a round shape as this improves the proofing process.

Proofer cups from WP Haton
As said before WP Haton prefers the use of round proofer pockets. All standard cups from WP Haton are washable and replaceable. The trays are made of stainless steel. The proofer cups are made from polyethylene. 

BekeProoferCups for WP Haton intermediate proofers
We supply improved proofer cups for WP Haton proofers in 2 diameters. We have mounted 3 elevated grips on the cups to improve the mounting and demounting of the cups. Another advantage is the anti-bacterial additive we use in the meshes to prevent the growth of bacteria. UV stabilizer is used to diminish the radiation impact of the UV lamps within the intermediate proofer.

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