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Proofer cups and pockets - Subal intermediate proofer

Founded by Vicente Catalá and Javier Suay in the 1980’s Subal has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of bakery equipment and dough handling equipment in particular. Based in the Valencia area in Spain Subal offers high quality bakery equipment at moderate prices. They operate a large production facility in Spain and offer international service support to most markets. Subal is renowned for their innovative ways of constructing dough handling equipment mainly focused on ensuring a better bread product and a more efficient production process. During the last decades they acquired many patents for their new technological breakthroughs. 

Intermediate proofers from Subal
Subal produces several intermediate proofers depending on capacity. Under the Nova label Subal provides static first proofers that are very solidly built. These static proofers keep the dough pieces within their pockets during the proofing process. That is different from other intermediate proofers that let the dough pieces flow from one dough pocket to another. This static process of intermediate proofing has some advantages due to its simple process. On the other hand stickiness of the dough parts may be a problem that may be prevented by using high quality proofer pockets.

Proofer cups from Subal
The factory delivered Subal proofer pockets are made from plastic meshes with a reasonably good durability. They are rectangular in shape and framed in a hard plastic framework.

BekeProoferCups for Subal static intermediate proofers
We produce enhanced proofer cups for Subal intermediate proofers. Made from dough-repelling polyethylene the pockets prevent the dough from sticking to the meshes. Another feature are the anti-bacterial additives within the polyethylene mesh that makes sure that bacteria and microbes do not grow on the pockets. The BekeProoferCups pockets are well-designed enabling easy cleaning and mounting and demounting. 

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