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Proofer Cups

Proofer cups for commercial proofers
BekeProoferCups manufactures proofer cups for all major brands of intermediate proofers. We supply commercial bakeries, distributors of bakery supplies and manufacturers of intermediate proofers. Through our online shop you can order standard sizes and shapes for many brands of intermediate proofers, but that does not limit our possibilities. We can supply all kinds of proofer cups, tailor-made, for all existing or new commercial proofers.

Proofer cups for first intermediate proofer
The main purpose of intermediate or first proofing is to prepare the dough for moulding and sheeting. In order to provide an effective intermediate proofing process one of the main concerns is to prevent the dough of sticking to the cups or pockets. At BekeProoferCups we put all our know-how and many years of experience in securing a 100% effective and efficient proofing process.
Proofer cups and pockets for all major dough proofers
Each manufacturer of commercial proofers and intermediate proofer cabinets uses its proper system of construction and way of transportation of the dough pieces. All these different approaches to the same basic function of proofing have an impact on the shapes of the pockets. Another important factor is the size of the cups. With different sizes and shapes and many different manufacturers it goes without saying that we have to supply a wide range of proofer pockets or cups.
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Worldwide delivery of proofer cups
BekeProoferCups supplies customers worldwide. We will ship all ordered cups or pockets to your designated delivery address by major carriers like TNT or DPD. Shipments will be made within 5 days if the ordered proofer cups are in stock. Some brands of intermediate proofer cabinets are well-established in all parts of the world, some are not. Sometimes we learn of new brands of manufacturers in some parts of the world. As we intend to supply proofer cups for all possible brands and manufacturers we always welcome new contacts so we can provide the right cups for all existing proofing cabinets.
Proofer pockets for USA and Canada
The USA and Canada are important markets for our proofer pockets, as North Americans like to call them. Important manufacturers like Baker Perkins and Werner & Plfeiderer Haton have a steady market share in the US and Canadian markets. As a proofer pocket specialist we can supply many customers from our standard round and square proofer pockets.
Prover pockets for the UK
In the United Kingdom proofer pockets are often called prover pockets. Different names, same solutions. In the UK Benier and Baker Perkins are major suppliers of intermediate proofer cabinets. We supply prover pockets for these manufacturers and many more. In fact, we can produce prover pockets in any size and shape, round, square or rectangular!
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You can order your proofer cups and pockets right here through our online shop. You will find proofer cups for all major brands of first or intermediate proofers.

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