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Today Benier is part of the Kaak Group, a large group of companies specialized in bakery equipment for commercial bakeries. Benier plays a very active role within the group focusing on dough handling equipment such as mixers, rounders, moulders and proofers. The Kaak Group and Benier are based in The Netherlands but you will also find subsidiaries in Germany, France the UK and Italy. They also are represented by a number of agencies throughout the world making sure that the Benier products find their ways to markets like Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. In total Kaak Group employs over 700 employees.

Intermediate proofers from Benier
Benier manufactures intermediate proofers based upon the needed capacity of the customer. With Benier all intermediate proofers are being built upon a modular system that allows much flexibility depended on the needs of customers. The infeed of dough pieces for instance can be a single feed, double feed or pusher feed system, the latter is used for large capacity production lines where an extra push is needed to guarantee the steady flow of dough pieces through the proofer. Benier also provides a choice in air conditioning either through a fully climate controlled system or through a recirculation system in order to keep humidity levels and temperature on the desired levels.

Proofer cups from Benier
The standard proofer cups operated in Benier intermediate proofers are made from high quality and durable plastics. They also use dough-repellent meshes. 

BekeProoferCups for Benier intermediate proofers
We produce and hold stock for all Benier multi fold tray intermediate proofers. Our proofer pockets excel in durability and offer extra features to ensure a better bread product. Anti-bacterial additives and UV stabilized fabric is used in the meshes. The open meshes make sure that air can flow freely preventing the dough from sticking to the meshes. 

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