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Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins
With a history going back almost 200 years Baker Perkins has been a constant an important factor in the bakery market. As a bakery equipment builder Baker Perkins supplies all sorts of dough handling equipment, sheet forming and cutting equipment and ovens and baking equipment. With their roots in the UK and USA Baker Perkins is a dominating market leader in Europe and North America but you may also find Baker Perkins bakery equipment in Australia, Africa and Asia. Throughout the world they cooperate with independent agents that fulfill commercial and advisory roles.

Intermediate proofers from Baker Perkins
As a manufacturer of all sorts of dough handling equipment Baker Perkins also build excellent intermediate proofers. Today they build 2 variations of first provers based upon capacity. The maximum capacity is 9.600 trays per hour. Important features are the bucket feed system that is synchronized with the flow of dough pieces. This bucket feed system ensures that all trays are filled with a piece of dough. Baker Perkins also decided to use only single trays in order to prevent the forming of doubles. 

Proofer cups for Baker Perkins
The standard used proofer cups from Baker Perkins are made from a strong hygienic plastic mesh. Within the intermediate prover an air circulation system keeps the cups dry. Baker Perkins also uses an extractor fan that reduces humidity within the machine. 

BekeProoferCups for Baker Perkins proofers
We supply 2 types of proofer cups for Baker Perkins first or intermediate proofers, one with and one without metal detectability. The plastic frame of the metal detectable proofer cups are produced from a special compound that enabled metal detectors to detect metal splinters or machine parts.

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